Mahjong Mysteries Ancient Athena - Mediafire

Release: 2012
Genre: Card/ Board | Developer: Cerasus Media
Publisher: Cerasus Media | Language: English | PC Games
Size: 62 MB
Come along on an incredible journey to ancient Greece in Mahjong Mysteries: Ancient Athena! Accompany the famous adventurer David on his most mysterious mission yet – the one that will change everything! Follow the trail of ancient heroes, past the Oracle of Delphi and the Theatre of Dionysus to experience the mystery of the Gods of Olympus! Discover the treasures of this once magnificent culture. Don’t let your guard down though: you’re not alone! Enjoy the mystic atmosphere and combine symbols to complete all 300 Mahjong levels. Welcome to Ancient Athena!
Game Features:
• Adventure Mode with an exciting story
• 10 Mahjong game variations
• 300 new levels in Classic Mode

Downlaod Mahjong Mysteries Ancient Athena

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