Rainbow Web 3 - Mediafire

  Release: 2011
Genre: Match 3 | Developer: Sugar Games
 Publisher: Sugar Games | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 59 MB
Free the village of Rainbow Masters from the sorcerer spider in Rainbow Web 3, a charming new entry from the hit series. The dark Sorcerer Spider has returned and you are the only one who can stop it. This time, the wicked wizard has cursed the Rainbow Masters village, once a cheerful place that now looks desolate and in disrepair. It's people are desperately seeking for somebody to save them. Will you answer their call? Break the curse and bring joy back to the villagers in this fantastic matching experience. Play over 100 levels through 11 magical locations to lift the sorcerer's curse. Challenge shifting web patterns to decipher villager's clues, play wonderful mini-games to test your focus, use magical power-ups, and restore the village. With an engaging storyline, beautiful artwork, and an enjoyable soundtrack, Rainbow Web 3 will keep you engaged for many magical hours.

  • Untangle a web of misfortune brought on by a sorcerer in this colorful Match 3 fantasy.
  • Break the curse and bring joy back to the villagers in over 100 levels.
  • Challenge shifting web patterns to decipher clues and use magical power-ups.
  • Play wonderful mini-games such as Hidden Object and Sliding Puzzle.
  • Earn gold coins to restore the cursed locations.

Download Rainbow Web 3

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