Flower of Immortality - Mediafire

Release: 2012
Genre: Hidden Objects | Developer: Itera Labs
Publisher: Itera Labs | Language: English | PC Games
Size: 284 MB
Discover the secrets of everlasting life in Flower of Immortality, a captivating expedition around the world.
To avoid imprisonment because of black market dealings, you've cut a deal with British Security Services. They want to use your archeological expertise in tracking down the lost expedition of Anna Stevens who went missing on the isle of Tapa Tui - an island said to inhabit cannibals. She went looking for the Flower of Immortality, and with some luck, you'll find both her and the secret to everlasting life.
Get the search party started and journey to the mysterious island to locate Anna and her group. As you meet an eccentric cast of characters, you'll soon learn that this is just but the start of a worldwide adventure. Locate valuable and helpful items, play intriguing mini-games, and use your smarts to overcome magnificent puzzles. The race for eternal life is on and you're only a few steps away from claiming the prize.
Get the search party started in this adventurous Hidden Object rescue mission.
  • Locate an expedition that went missing during a search for the Flower of Immortality.
  • Travel to a cannibalistic isle, across the world, and to magical locations to find them.
  • Locate helpful items, play intriguing mini-games, and use your smarts to solve puzzles.

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