Ballads of Reemus [Final] - Mediafire

Release: 2012
Genre: Adventure | Producer: Click Share Games
Developer: Oberon Media | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 67 MB
Reemus the exterminator wants his own ballad of heroism, but first he must face a mob of angry townsfolk and an army of giant bed bugs, termites and ants!
Game Features:
 * Story-based point and click comic adventure game based on the Several Journeys of Reemus series, with all-new puzzles and story.
 * Completely voice-acted dialogue, a first for any Reemus game. Turn off chat bubbles for a more cinematic experience.
 * Fully animated and voice acted cutscenes, like you're watching a Saturday morning cartoon!
 * Full-screen mode and other full-featured options available to tweak your experience.
 * Optional side quests and secret easter egg puzzles with in-game achievements.
 * Lots of hand-drawn locations including Reemus' hometown, more than 36 speaking characters, almost 100 inventory items to find, great music and more.

Download Free Ballads of Reemus

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