Angry Birds Space Mediafire Download

Release: 2012
 Genre: Puzzle | Developer: Rovio Mobile
Publisher: Rovio | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 32 MB
Angry Birds Space - The New Adventures of Evil Birds came out on PC! It was a dark and stormy night ... but it will not stop the Angry Birds! Chase the pig through many levels filled with meteorites, creepy monsters, illuminated by moonlight, and other passions. As before, the survival of the Angry Birds under threat!
As the game will appear to access different kinds of birds, each have their own unique abilities that can be activated during the flight: blue is divided into three separate birds, the yellow building up speed, black burst, throwing exploding egg whites - to break the building, followed by hiding green pigs will have to apply the right strategy, along with the exact calculation of the trajectory. At each level the number of birds is limited.

Over 105 levels of play will become more complex but more interesting. In this case, there is an incentive to improve performance levels already passed since Rovio announced that they will hold competitions to identify the best players. In addition, developers have added to the game of online high scores table, and Achievement, by integrating social networking Crystal. 

Download Angry Birds Space
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