War In A Box Paper Tanks - Mediafire

Release: 2012
Genre: Tower Defense | Developer: DQ Team
 Publisher: Alawar Games | Language: English | PC
Game Size: 70 MB
Your PC will never be the same now that War In A Box: Paper Tanks has arrived! Build devastating artillery and awesome Tesla weaponry, and then watch your units annihilate your enemy! Upgrade your turrets at critical moments in the battle, sell the ones you no longer need and keep your opponent from reaching the box at the end of the road. To win, all you need to do is make the right choices before and during the combat, so keep your head in the battle! With its eye-popping visuals, simple interface and huge number of levels, War In A Box will explode onto your desktop and hold you in its addictive grip until you have beaten every level!

Game Features:
• True 3D graphics
• Zoom in and out of battle
• Normal and Expert modes
• Air and ground units
• 1X, 2X and 3X speed

Download War In A Box Paper Tanks

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