Busy Beas Halftime Hustle Final - Mediafire

Release: 2012
Genre: Time Management, Sport | Developer: Gold Sun Games
 Publisher: Gold Sun Games | Language: English | PC
Game Size: 144 MB
 Busy Bea has been brought in to fix Blunderton’s stadiums! After being named the “Worst sports town of the year,” the citizens of Blunderton are in a dire situation. Use Beatrice’s talents and get the city out of a sticky mess in this fun and exciting Time Management game! Busy Bea’s Halftime Hustle will have you cheering for the home team in no time as you dash through multiple minigames, earn potent powerups, and unlock upgrades.

  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Incredible action
  • Exciting Time Management game
  • Fix Blunderton’s stadiums!
  • Safe & secure purchase by credit cards, PayPal, and more
  • No shipping. No waiting. Instant download & activation
  • Own the game forever and play it as much as you want

Download Busy Beas Halftime Hustle Final

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