Super Granny 3 - Mediafire

Release: 2006
Genre: Action | Developer: Sandlot Games
Publisher: Big Fish Game | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 22 MB
 The most unlikely hero ever is back for all-new, action-packed, kitty-saving fun! In her most ambitious adventure yet, Granny must navigate a run-down theme park and rescue her arch-nemesis, Dr. Meow, from the clutches of the even more dastardly Mr. Fang! Help Granny run, dig, climb, and float through five new worlds with over 200 levels of puzzle-solving, item-tossing, hilariously addictive fun. Will Granny and her kitties ever make it home?
  • Unlimited Play
  • Over 200 Unique Levels
  • Seven New Enemies to Outwit
  • Secret Areas to Discover
  • Addictive Family Fun

Download Super Granny 3

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