Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Blue Whale Collector's Edition - Mediafire

  Release: 2011
Genre: Logic, Hidden Object | Developer: Silverback Production
 Publisher: Gogii Publishing | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 186 MB
Anna awakens on a mystic tiny island after escaping the death of her underwater field. She moldiness attain her way to a thinking floating darken port in the sky, seek out the quaternary Children of Nonfat and refrain them from the twisted clutches of the Unholy Emperor Pandora. Along the way she staleness rescue and aid entranced horselike slaves in this unreal Concealed Object/Puzzle Labor business!
This is a unscheduled Human's Edition channel total of privileged extras you won't hear in the accepted type.

Main Mettlesome Features
• Twice the length of its best-selling forerunner
• Hours of breathtaking concealed goal perplexity and project
Unlock single fleshly guides to forbear calculate expandible teaser levels
• Acquire stone dolphins to gain sanative powers
• Free the lies of the Empress and her secret worker
• Calculate expand puzzles to modify order to the ancient, mentation port
• Can you expend the Children of the Luminescent before it's too tardive?

• Embedded Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
• Experience all eight of the Out Autograph Diary Artifacts to learn some Pandora's info chivalric
• Compute the Glyph Hunt to unlock the Underground Bedchamber of ZEM
• Exclusive the Chamber of ZEM, realised eighter incentive puzzles and invisible target scenes to unlock the addictive ZEM Manage Figure puzzler occupation. Vie for trophies!

Download Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Blue Whale

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