Doc Apocalypse [FINAL] - Mediafire

  Release: 2012
Genre: Adventure | Developer: Midian Design
Publisher: JustAdventure, LLC | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 261 MB 

In Doc Apocalypse you play as brilliant scientist Lewis P. Higgins who has just invented a machine that controls the weather. Launching it from his underground bunker proves a failure and he ends up opening a portal that unleashes a torrent of nuclear bombs to rain upon the Earth. The only option Higgins has is to use a dodgy time machine to go back eight months in time and warn his previous self about the dangers of his work.

* Ingame visual noise;
* Many items to collect, not all of which can be used;
* Dark humour in a story unsuitable for younger players;
* Food for thought on delicate issues of counterculture and exopolitics;
* Help button in every screen (directions, interactions, …);
* Inspirations & Thanks: Pierluigi Ighina, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich.

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