One Piece Colosseum MUGEN 2011 - Mediafire

Release: 2011
Genre: Fighting | Developer: Eighting & Raizing
 Publisher: TakaraTomy | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 234 MB
One Piece: Grand Line Bout is a MUGEN game based off of the popular anime and manga series, One Piece. The game contains characters from the entire manga up to the point where the game stops, which is the Whitebeard War arc, and uses sprites that are based off of the Wonderswan Colour game "One Piece Grand Battle Colosseum", the Game Boy Advance game "One Piece", and the Nintendo DS game "One Piece Gigant Battle".

Game Engine
- Use up to 7 buttons for a character.
- Regular moves, special moves, super moves, etc.
- Projectiles and special effects.
- Move cancels and combos, multi-part moves and throws.
- What your character can do is defined by a scripting language 

Download One Piece Colosseum MUGEN 2011

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